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The History of Jakarta dates back from around 500 years ago in a small part of the downstream of Ciliwung River. During centuries later, the city port grew into a bustling international trade center.

The story of Jakarta at the earlier phase emanates from the diverse ancient inscriptions found in the nearby port. The untold stories of Jakarta up until the earlier arrival of European colonialists were very scarce.

European writers reported that at early 16 century Kelapa was the port's name of a Hindus Kingdom called Sunda with Pajajaran as its capital city. It was located around 40 kilometers near the city of Bogor nowadays.

Portugal was the first biggest group of Europeans coming to Kelapa Port. The City was then under assault by mob led by a young man named Fatahillah from a given kingdom near Kelapa. Afterwards on June 22, 1527 Fatahillah changed the name of Sunda Kelapa into Jayakarta. Hence, the date is commemorated as the date of birth of the City Jakarta. The Dutch came by the end of the 16 centuries and took control of Jayakarta.

The name Jayakarta was then changed into Batavia. The geographical condition of the city Batavia was more or less the same as that of the Netherlands their native soil. They built canals in anticipation of the floods inundation. The central of the city administration was concentrated around a field located 500 meters from the port. They also built a beautiful city municipality, which was also the central of the Batavia city administration. In the long run the city Batavia developed southward. The rapid growth of the city contributed the environmental damages so that the Dutch colonialist forced to move its central administration into higher lands. Later, the spot was named as Weltevreden.

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